What Services We Offer at Woodhaus Inspection

Home Inspection

Real Estate home inspection for buyers of single or multi-family units – If you’re a first time home buyer, a seasoned home buyer, or an investor, you will appreciate our informed and easy to understand inspection.

Once you have an accepted offer, give us a call to schedule!

All inspections performed to meet or exceed the Massachusetts Standards of Practice.

Pre-sale Home Inspection

Getting ready to sell your home? Want to avoid any delays during the sale by addressing current issues before you list? Our Pre-Sale Home Inspection is a perfect option. Call for more information or to book your inspection today!

Home Maintenance Inspection

Been in your home for a few years?  Have you lost track of where you stand with system maintenance?  Wondering if that stain your staring at may be a larger problem? Have us come through to give your house a check up.  Check one system or we will inspect the whole house!

dirty air handler

Pre-Offer Home Inspection

If you would like a general understanding of a certain areas of a home you are thinking about placing an offer on, our pre-offer home inspection is an option. In this option there are certain areas of the home inspection that you, the buyer can specifically exclude to tailor the inspection to your specific concerns. Call for more information.

New Construction Home Inspection

There are a LOT of moving parts to completing all phases of a construction project. With an extensive background in home construction, we are your first choice for inspecting your new home. Once all of the code inspections are complete, we come through as a final set of eyes to ensure that there are no unexpected issues prior to moving in. Many common issues with new construction are not code related!

Builder’s Warranty Inspection

New construction homes generally come with a 1 year builder’s warranty. It is a great idea to have us do an inspection during your 11th month of home ownership to determine if any of the components of your new home need attention before the builder’s warranty expires. Call to schedule!

Danger - Radon gas

Radon Testing

Radon testing seems to be a part of almost every real estate transaction these days and it should be considering what we now know about its harmful effects.  We provide Radon testing to detect elevated radon levels in your home.  For more information, check out https://www.epa.gov/radon/home-buyers-and-sellers-guide-radon

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